First Chance Farm Fee List

Board - Stall
$610.00 due the 1st of the month

Included in the board fee:

v Stall with rubber mats and deep automatic waterer 
     stalls cleaned 6 days/week

v Daily turnout in safe pastures with shade trees 
     leg and shoe check when brought in

v Fly masks and turnout boots applied if needed

v Blanketing

v Administering medication as needed

v Holding horse for vet and farrier when needed

v Feed hay and grain 2-3 times/day as needed *

*Grain has additional cost.


Full Training - $800.00 due at the end of the month

Training consists of:

v Under saddle training

v Lessons

v Lungeing

v Long reining/in-hand work

v Or a combination of these five days per week


Trailer-in Lessons - $80.00

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