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We believe that our horses are true athletes, and as such require special, individualized care to keep them in top form. In addition to our excellent nutrition program we utilize a team of specialists toward this goal.


Body Maintenance


As athletes, horses are subjected to many of the same rigors that human athletes

are, plus a few of their own. In addition to the demands of the sport, other

factors that might necessitate bodywork include: accidents or injuries, saddle fit,

conformation or asymmetries, trailer incidents or long trailer rides to name a

few. Our chiropractor uses gentle and effective methods to help restore normal

function to the spine, enabling the horses to perform to the best of their ability. In

certain cases, the use of the highest quality Low Level Laser Light Therapy (Cold

Laser) may be employed as well. This versatile and effective healing modality has

become mainstream with people, and is quickly becoming highly utilized in

animals as well. Our chiropractor works closely with your horse’s veterinarian to

provide a well-rounded approach and believes firmly that horse care is a team

effort. For more information contact: Heidi


Equine Nutritionist - Summit Equine Nutrition; Dr. Clair Thunes  916-248-8987



Equine Dentistry - Kristin Weilepp, DVM  916 205-5254



v Farrier Services Available

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