What Students Have to Say About Heidi


I have known Heidi since 1986, and my horse was the first she had in training at First Chance Farm when it opened. I have traveled across the country and back on my own pursuits, and while I have ridden with some “big names” in the business, I have never ridden with anyone whose teaching skills matched Heidi’s. While everyone has something slightly different to offer, and sometimes a different perspective is useful, I am almost always disappointed when I audit or ride in a clinic.

Heidi is different from most horse trainers in that she actually loves education. She isn’t happy unless she is continuing her own education and passing what she learns onto her students and the horses she rides. In my experience the majority of horse trainers would rather ride than teach, though they do the latter because of necessity. Heidi actually loves both equally, and it comes across every day in her teaching and riding.

On a more personal note, one of the things that makes Heidi unique is her “unflappable” nature. Heidi is probably the most rational, logical, straightforward person I have ever known. This makes her a very easy person to get along with. Even in the most stressful situations Heidi will remain calm, cool and collected. This makes her barn a relaxing, enjoyable place to be, for both horses and riders.

Kathy L.


Training with Heidi since 2007 has been a consistently rewarding and educational experience. What sets her apart from many other dressage trainers is her ability to understand horse and rider and to communicate the skills needed to produce results. Heidi has a keen eye for correctness and is highly aware of the most intricate changes in the horse and rider. It always amazes me what she can see when I'm riding. I love that she generously shares her knowledge with me in ways that I can understand.

I have had two horses in training with Heidi and can really appreciate her expertise in the care and training of each horse based on their individual needs. It's not every day you can feel comfortable leaving your beloved horse in the hands of someone else but she takes care of each horse as if they were her own. What a positive difference it is to ride my horse after Heidi has schooled him for a couple of days. It's like getting a new car with power steering, power brakes and a hemi engine.

Heidi is great at shows. Once she starts coaching me, I completely forget my jitters and am able to concentrate on the ride. When the warm-up is finished, I feel ready to go in and do my best. It's also comforting to know she is on the sidelines cheering me on.

I am proud to say I have achieved my USDF Bronze and Silver Medals in 2011 under Heidi's tutelage.

Stefanie P.


Heidi is an awesome instructor! Combining her knowledge of classical dressage with extensive studies in body mechanics she is able to pinpoint flaws in a rider’s body patterns and identify asymmetries in their horses. Then using a variety of focused exercises and specific direction for rider position, Heidi guides you and your horse, improving balance, topline and strength. Heidi teaches in a safe and supportive atmosphere.

Carol H.


I've been riding with Heidi on and off for the past ten plus years. She is a  very knowledgeable instructor, with a great understanding of both rider and horse biomechanics and classical dressage. She has a wonderful "tool box" and works very well with a wide variety of different horses and riders -
she has ridden several of my horses over the years, and customizes their training based on the individual horse. The horses always feel so much
better after a Heidi tune-up!

As a professional, I admire her ongoing investment in her own training and education - she has been to Germany to train, and attends regular clinics and symposiums all over the US. All her students benefit from this ongoing professional development. Over the years, she has helped me not just in my riding, but in seeing what is (and is not) correct, and has helped me become a better horseperson.

Heidi is a very effective rider and trainer. When I purchased a stallion who wasn't trained in dressage, she really helped me restart him and establish a dressage foundation. Then I turned my stallion over to her for full training, and in 3 and a half years, she took him from 3rd level to Grand Prix. He looks, feels, and moves like a different horse, with wonderful, correct muscling and a much more supple, elastic way of going.

"At First Chance Farm the horses not only receive great training, but the level of care is outstanding as well - Heidi personally attends to them every single day. She is a caring, talented, wonderful trainer, who always remembers to put the horses first."

Michele D.


What can I say; riding with Heidi has been the most challenging and rewarding experience of my equine career. The professional attitude she uses when approaching each lesson makes me feel valued, and the expectation she carries for me as a rider makes me feel indispensable to the success of my horses. Each lesson is built upon the lesson before, in a sensible and progressive manner that leads to a positive experience for the horse and rider. I leave each lesson feeling like I made great strides, with “homework” for the following week, and always set up for success. She never gets frustrated at how many times she has to tell me the same thing, and reassures me that each challenge is just a typical stepping stone on the way to a fabulous horse.

"I never thought moving towards the upper levels was much of a possibility, but Heidi has the foresight to see where my horse and I can go, and so far… Wow, we’re already exceeding my expectations!"

Kalli B.


Dressage is my passion. I struggled for years with my position and my ability to ride my horse correctly. Heidi has helped me to change that. She has helped me to learn the correct biomechanics of the horse and rider. With her help, I have reached goals that I have set and made new ones. Her instruction is clear, knowledgeable and effective. Each day she strives to identify problem areas and direct her instruction to help her riders improve in those areas. Not only is she my dressage mentor, but I have tremendous respect for her as a human being. I trust her explicitly to keep my well being and the well being of my horse as her top priority.

Roxanne B.